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The Takex OMS-12FE PIR uses a DUAL ZONE detection system to create 180 degrees of protection with a range of 3 to 12 meters.
The system initiates an alarm signal only when detection occurs in both the horizontal and downward zones simultaneously preventing false alarms from distant objects or small animals.
The rain proof housing and flexible mounting options make the OMS-12FE ideal for outdoor use in both residential and commercial security applications, and the tamper detection feature ensures your security won’t be compromised.
Dual-Zone: Up to 12m  x 180 degrees
Diffrences with Takes OMS-12FE and MS-12FE:
Up to 180 degree coverage
Fixed sensor heads
3-12m coverage
Enable/disable left or right zones
20mA (max)
NO/NC relay output
Front and back tampers
Pulse count selectable: 1/2/3/4 times
Up to 180 degree coverage
Adjustable sensor heads
3-12m coverage (independent left/right control)
Rotating sensor heads for zone adjustment
40mA (max)
NO/NC relay output
Front tamper
Pulse count selectable: 1/3 times
Day/night sensing
2sec-5min adjustable relay timer
AND/OR detection modes



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