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Unfortunately it is possible to so call jam certain signals.

If two products are working on the same signal, then the stronger signal will jam the weaker signal and in some cases both signals can become corrupt.

The good thing is that the Roboguard signal is stronger than the ordinary gate remote signal.

The only way you would be able to jam the Roboguard signal, is when you are close to the HQ(receiver).

From outside the Roboguard will over power the remote signal.

Unfortunately there are no way to prevent signal jamming, thus we created a device to inform you when there are signal jamming occurring.

In short it alerts you when a possible blocking signal is present, so that you can react.

It requires 12Vdc to operate and has a jack plug mounted on the side.

With the Jumper setting you can change the sensitivity from very sensitive to less sensitive.

With the dip switches you can configure the duration that a blocking signal needs to be present, before the buzzer sounds(buzzer is built into unit).

Selectable 3, 6, 9 and 12 seconds

Only opperates only on the 433Mhz frequency

The buzzer can be replaced with a siren or wired into an alarm panel via a 12Volt relay.

With this you can be notified when you are being jammed!

The Roboguard Snitch can also be wired into any alarm system that have hard wired zones available – will take up 1 x zone, and programmed as 24Hr

When using with the Roboguard system or want to use it independant you will require the Roboguard power supply – model: ROBOGUARD-PSU



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