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Using one of our UHF/URX (433Mhz) receivers you can link as many Keypads and Roboguard V beams to an existing alarm panel – The UHF/URX receiver substitutes the use of a HQ receiver

A keypad can take up to four Roboguard V beams with individual zone tamper and supervision LED’s.

The keypad has six output ports that will allow you to monitor individual intruders or tamper and supervision each on a port.

Although the keypad CANNOT be armeddisarmed via a Roboguard remote it does provide 2 remote output ports that can be used to pulse a separate alarm system.

A 2-way screw terminal is provided to connect an optional buzzer (not included) to allow you to monitor your Roboguard beams even when your alarm is turned off.


• Individual zone intruder tamper and trouble LED’s makes for easy  diagnostics.

• Six output ports with multiple programming combination make for easy implementation for various applications.

• Audible zone identification is simple and effective.

• Keypad is powered by 12 volts DC for easy installation with existing alarm panels.

• Many Roboguard beams can be integrated to existing alarm panels via one spare zone



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