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This relay card can be used on the PoloPhone system: to activate an external ringer when the call buttons (A/B) on the entry panel are pressed or as a secure gate trigger when the gate release buttons (1/2) are pressed on the cradle.
Connect the card as if it was another component on the PoloPhone system: 1 and 2 terminals on the PoloSwitch are joined to corresponding 1 and 2 terminals on either the handset or entry panel.
The PoloSwitch taps power off the PoloPhone 2-wire bus. Alternatively, the entire PoloPhone system can be powered from the PoloSwitch. Connect the 12V DC power supply to the + and – terminals on the PoloSwitch card.
Relay Contacts:
24V, 1A DC continuous rating.
Only use with Polophone handsets



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