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Paradox 1.75 Amp switching power supply

For larger alarm installations you would require an additional power source to power all the alarms passives and other devices.

Typically alarm systems control panel can provide a maximin of 1 Amp total power output

The charger module can be used with any alarm system or as a stand alone battery charger for many other applications.

Requires a 16Vac 30Va to 50Va transformer (50Va will provide 1.75Amp, 30Va around 1.4Amp) – not included.

Requires small metal box for housing.


13.8VDC, 1.75A switching power supply

Automatic transfer to standby battery in case of power failure

Battery fused at 5A with short circuit protection

Battery charge LED indicator

Selectable battery charge current – 350mA or 700mA

Works with gel and lead-acid batteries

Battery test input

Requires small metal box, 16Vac transformer and backup battery



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