Model: PA9526C

Paradox MG5050 alarm kit with K32LCD keypad with 2 x PMD2 passives 2 x DCTXP2 contacts and more

Kit includes:
1 x MG5050 control panel
2 x REM2 remote control
1 x K32LCD keypad
2 x PMD2 passives
2 x DCTXP2 white
1 x Backup battery
1 x 15W siren
1 x 50VA transformer
1 x Big metal box
This product contains the following items:
1 x   (SIREN15) 15Watt Siren
Backup Battery 7Ah 1 x   (battery-7AH) Backup Battery 7Ah
Transformer 50Va with filter 1 x   (50vaf) Transformer 50Va with filter
Paradox REM2 Remote 2 x   (REM2) Paradox REM2 Remote
Paradox DCTXP2 Contact White 2 x   (DCTXP2-WHITE) Paradox DCTXP2 Contact White
1 x   (K32LCD) Paradox K32LCD keypad
Big Metal Box Enclosure 1 x   (PA1005) Big Metal Box Enclosure
PMD2 Wireless Passive 2 x   (PMD2) PMD2 Wireless Passive
1 x   (MG5050-CP) Paradox MG5050 Panel  



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Weight 6.76 kg


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