Product details

Babyware Software for programming Paradox alarm systems.

Last Updated: 13-12-2019 Version 5.2.17

Insite Gold compatibility added to IP150

Windows 10 users Babyware is required to Run as Administrator

Requires 307USB direct connect usb cable or IP150 module(Paradox Insite Gold registration is required for IP150)


Compatible with EVOHD, EVO192, SP4000, SP65, SP5500, SP6000, SP7000, MG6250, MG5000 and MG5050

Upload/download via GPRS (38K/bps) or IP (128K/bps)

Same software for users and installers (user rights)

Multi-account and multi-user capacity

Controls firmware upgrade of control panel and system modules

User friendly layout and operation

Easy monitoring and site management tools

Test Mode: Tests for zone connectivity and operation

Powerful and fast sort, search and print capability

Data backup and powerful undo and recycle bin features

Note: Paradox BabyWare DVD will automatically be included and available to customers who has purchased Paradox communication devices like IP150, USB307 modules, MG6250 or per order request




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