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Takex MS12FE Wireless Detector

Dual zone detector with 4 PIR’s (2 heads) detection in both horizontal and downward zones

Pet immunity for small animals

180º coverage detection 3m to 12m

Back tamper and pole mount kit

and/or detection mode, day/night sensor, adjustable pulse count/sensitivity

Mounting height 0.8m to 1.2m

1 year warranty

Difference with TX114FR and TX114SR is battery or transmitter compartment size, FR housing is bigger than SR.

If using large contacts like DCT10, TX114FR model will be advised.

TX114SR model is 90 degree, TX114FR model is ajustable 90 to 180 degrees

Requires 1 x 9V Duracell battery – not included

Please optionally select the alarm model transmitter:



Additional information

Weight 0.84 kg


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