Model: SDO4 T10 TIP-UP Single

Centurion SDO4 T10 : For tip up doors and single door size(up to 12 square metres)

With the SDO4 T10 , that experience begins the moment that you open your garage door. With whisper-quiet operation and movement that’s smoother than a Barry White song, the SDO4 garage door operator for tip-up and sectional doors lets you know you’re home.


Adaptive anti-crushing control

Battery-driven – ALWAYS on

An SDO4 to suit your door:

The SDO4 comes in two different models, making it suitable for virtually any size domestic garage door. Choose the T10 for smaller doors up to 12 square metres, or automate your bigger door with the powerful T12 model.

Reliable DC motor

Effortlessly switch between door types for the ultimate in flexibility:

The SDO4 is suitable for both sectional and tip-up doors, and toggling between the two using the intuitive LED display automatically, and intelligently, adapts the run profile to suit the selected door type.

Total security at the press of a button

Lock in any position:

For increased security, the Manual Override can be disengaged and then re-engaged in any position. If you’re going away on holiday you can also electronically lock your SDO4 so that not even a learned-in remote control can operate the door.


Onboard receiver with code-hopping security

Ease of installation, adjustment, and setup

Door Service Monitor

Courtesy Light Control

Convenient template learning

Energy-saving technology


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