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The RoboGuard HQ is an 8 zone decoder panel specifically designed to alert the end user of an intruder that has been detected by a Roboguard.

The HQ also functions as a complete security system with or without a Roboguard remote.

The HQ can monitor eight Roboguards with individual intruder detected tamper detect and supervision LED’s together with audible warning sounds.

The HQ has five output switches to connect to other devices one that can switch 1AMP the other four 40ma.[siren, cell module, lights, burglar alarm or radio transmitter]

The HQ also incorporates remote arming disarming panic and auxiliary via the Roboguard four button pendant transmitter.

The HQ functions off its resident NiMH 6v battery and has fifty hours of autonomy with a twenty five hour charge cycle.

Incorporated with the HQ is the battery charger a removable cable for the output switches and an Allan key to disassemble.

The HQ can monitor other devices via the Roboguard universal transmitter which will “mimic” the Roboguard (electric fence burglar alarm and other types of sensor).

Arm/disarm the siren and zone outputs with only a Roboguard Remote. The HQ will activate a siren output and pulse a zone output even with no Remote programmed in.

With the on board UHF receiver and resident speaker the mobile HQ is extremely flexible and can be used in many applications it is in fact a complete and comprehensive security system.

The HQ receiver requires a Roboguard remote to arm/disarm unit



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