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Wireless alarm system for town house, flatlet or small to large sized homes.

Magellan MG6250 2-Partition 64-Zone Wireless Console WITH built in GPRS/GSM functions

Included with the console is the built in backup battery and built in siren and SMS module

NB: Power adapter PA7 is sold separately.


Simultaneous Five-channel Reporting Offers reporting via GPRS, GSM, SMS, Voice, and traditional landline, with pre-defined communication sequences to save installation time.

2 partitions and up to 64 wireless zones

Supports quad-band GPRS/GSM module with 2 SIM cards (GPRS14)

Built-in transceiver 433MHz

Speakerphone via GSM or landline

Built-in voice and utility reporting(up to 8 telephone numbers)

Two-way voice communication (via GSM or landline)

16 users and 16 remote controls

8 wireless PGMs (2 I/Os can be hardwired)

256 events buffered

Supports 4 wireless sirens (SR130 or older SR150)

Supports 4 wireless keypads (K32RF/K37), displays first 32 zones only

Supports 4 wireless repeaters (RPT1)

Supports 16 two-way remotes (REM25,REM2 and REM3)

Built-in 90 dB siren

Remote firmware upgrade via GPRS

Full voice-assisted remote system access via GSM

High-quality sound for voice tags and menu guidance

Family message center (up to 30 sec. w/ time stamp)

Clock with alarm

All consoles includes Paradox BabyWare software.

Remote programming using software via internet can be done to console.

Strong network signal required for voice operations.



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Weight 2 kg


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